Welcome to KaTe Solutions and Consulting, a provider of global mobility, cross-cultural management, international careers and cultural training expertise focused on helping individuals and businesses to maximize their potential for success.
Additionally, long term experience in qualitative research, data collection and analysis.


Global mobility
Expertise in international employee mobility and international careers, dual-career couples
We offer research based consultation. Lectures, seminars, research reports, reviews and studies.

We are also a provider for innovaatioseteli. Just type "kate solution" into the searchbox to find our info.


About Us

Kaisu Kanstrén

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CEO, 3xMSc, soon to be D.Sc (Business administration). International HRM, expatriation, qualitative research, interviews, research reviews, and more.

International HRM and global mobility researcher and specialist with over 10 years of personal experience in international mobility. Passionate about cross-cultural management and competencies, career identity (re)construction, career capital development and subjective well-being in international context. 




Kaisu Kanstrén

Oulu, Finland

Tel: +358400996650

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